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Video Director Dennis Martin

No two places in the world are the exact same for skating. Every city has its own story, its own spots, its own history, and scene. Erik Ellington and the Supra team were dispatched out to London to explore the city from a local's point of view. Time to get cultured..


SUPRA Presents The Jim Greco Signature Hammer

Jim Greco's new, lightweight, signature low top masterfully combines the best elements of a vulcanized sole with a cup sole.
SUPRA is pleased to announce the release of Jim Greco’s fifth signature shoe, the Hammer. The new low top combines the elegant simplicity of a classic casual shoe with the comfort and technology of a modern skate shoe.



“What sets it apart,” Erik Ellington said about his sixth signature shoe from SUPRA, “is if you walk into a store today, pretty much every shoe looks like a slip-on. [The Ellington] has that feeling of being simple, but at the same time it’s got a lot more technical features.”


Rewind 2012 is a look back at one of the most memorable years in SUPRA history. The year began with a team photo shot in the Clockwork Orange tunnel in London—the first time the entire team had been assembled in one location. It was an inspirational moment and it set the tone for the successes that followed. We saw the release of Erik Ellington's fifth signature shoe (the Ellington) and Stevie Williams's first (the S1W). Four SUPRA pros teamed up with four SUPRA ams to create the Pro + Am Collection. The team had amazing tours of Australia, Europe, the East Coast, and Asia. Lizard hosted a very passionate Passion trip. The Three Amigos got busy in the Dirty South. There was tons of magazine coverage including a Jim Greco Thrasher cover and a Kevin Romar Skateboarder cover. So much happened in 2012 that it's going to be a tough year to beat, but SUPRA looks forward to 2013 as it takes a look back at 2012.


The annual SUPRA European Tour took place in Spain, France, and Germany during the last two weeks of July earlier this year and featured Erik Ellington, Terry Kennedy, Tom Penny, Lizard King, Stevie Williams, Kevin Romar, Keelan Dadd, Spencer Hamilton, Furby, and Boo Johnson. The team stormed through a dozen European cities including Madrid, Toulouse, Stuttgart, and Munich. They traveled by planes, trains, the autobahn, razor scooters, even a helicopter and laid to waste all the spots put before them. See it all here in the tour video, and don't miss the tour stories in the latest Kingpin Magazine and the December TransWorld Skateboarding, as well as bonus coverage at


Lizard King has a chainsaw. And he wears pants. Watch this video to learn more interesting facts about the mysterious Lizard King.

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